cas no 7440-5-3 palladium black with 100% metal content

cas no 7440-5-3 palladium black with 100% metal content

Short Description:

Product Name : Palladium Metal Powder

Appearance:gray metallic powder, no visible impurity and oxidation color


Molecular Formula : Pd

Molecular Weight :106.42

Melting Point :1554 °C

Boiling Point:2970 °C

Relative Density :12.02g/cm3

CAS No. :7440-5-3

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Product Description

Application of Palladium powder:


1.Palladium  powder use as the Heterogeneous Catalysts; Catalysts for Organic Synthesis; Classes of Metal Compounds; Pd (Palladium) Compounds; Synthetic Organic Chemistry; Transition Metal Compounds and so on.

2.Palladium powder mainly used in electronic industry inside and outside the thick film paste, multilayer ceramic capacitor electrode material.

3.Highly efficient catalyst .Make the palladium nanoparticles with the silver, gold, copper into the fused alloy can improve the palladium resistivity, hardness and strength, usually used in the manufacture of precision resistor, jewelry.

4.High purity Palladium powder is indispensable key materials for the aerospace, aviation, navigation, weapon and nuclear   power   and other high-tech areas and auto manufacturing, is also allow to ignore international precious metals investment market investments.


Product Name : Palladium Metal Powder
Appearance: gray metallic powder, no visible impurity and oxidation color
Mesh: 200mesh
Molecular Formula : Pd
Molecular Weight : 106.42
Melting Point : 1554 °C
Boiling Point: 2970 °C
Relative Density : 12.02g/cm3
CAS No. :




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