Nano Silicon oxide / Silica nano powder / SiO2 Nanoparticles price

Nano Silicon oxide / Silica nano powder / SiO2 Nanoparticles price

Short Description:

Product name: Nanometer silicon dioxide

CAS No.: 14808-60-7

Synonyms: Nanometer silica

Formula: SiO2

Chemical structure: O==SI==O

Mol. Wt.: 60.08

Product Detail

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Extra small size; big specific surface area; tunnel effect.
Easily dispersed in mediums.


1. Rubber modified, sealant ceramic toughening modification, adhesives, functional fiber additive, plastic modification, paint aging additives.
2. Ceramics, nano ceramic, composite ceramic substrate.
3. Polymer: can increase the thermal stability and anti-aging polymer.
4. Flame retardant materials and coatings, high grinding medium, cosmetic products.
5. In cluster butyl benzene and chlorinated polyethylene adding a small amount of nano SiO2produce color rubber tenacity, elongation, strength, flexural performance and ultraviolet resistance and thermal aging performance and achieve or exceed epdm.
6. In traditional coating adding a small amount of nano silicon oxides, good solve the suspension stability, thixotropy and poor, poor finish.


Item 710
Appearance White Powder
Sio2 Content ≥98
BET m²/g ≥160
Heating Loss((105℃, 2h) % 4.0~8.0
Ignition Loss(1000℃,2h) % ≤7.0
PH Value 5.0~8.0
Bulk density 0.1~0.3
Electrical conductivity μS/cm ≤1000
45 mesh sieve residue % ≤0.5
Average particle size (μm) 100-1000
Total Fe Content mg/kg ≤500

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